Anhui Fubore Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established through the authorization of Anhui Provincial People’s Government in Dec. 2000 with its legal address at No.453 Shengli East Road,Bengbu.We have the self-management import and export right..Fubore owns 40.07 million Yuan registered capital,150 million Yuan total assets including 80 million Yuan fixed assets and over 50 million Yuan working capital.Our staff is more than 1000 including 210 engineers and technicians.Our factory covers an area of 79,000 square meters total with two production departments.The main products of Fubore are Paracetamol,1-Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone,Glucurolactone,Acetylacetone etc.After its foundation,the company adheres to taking the technology as soul,quality as lifeline,market as guide and customers as god...

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